Quilt Photography Co. creates high-quality, color-accurate images of your quilts.

perfect for entering quilt shows & elevating your brand

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flat shots

Your entire quilt captured, perfectly flat and square against a white backdrop.

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detail shots

Tiny stitches, machine quilting details, and matching points shine in these photos.

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styled shots

Subtle accessories show your quilt in action - draped, folded, and cozy.

But we'll make them easy for you.



Kick bad photography out the door right now!


- pure white backgrounds

- accurately calibrated colors

- even, bright lighting

- perfectly square-on flat shots

- sharply focused details


Step 1: Select your photo package.

From simple, flat shots all the way through a styled, diva-quilt photoshoot, we have everything you need. Each package includes a set number and style of images so you know exactly what you'll receive.

Step 2: Mail your quilt & paperwork.

Purchase your preferred photo package by using the form on this page. Then, print out your paperwork & ship your quilt to our photo studio. 

Step 3: Download your images.

Within two weeks, your images will be placed in an online gallery for you to download, and your quilt will be on its way back home. Enjoy and share your photos! #quiltphotographyco



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package one - $175

Ideal for entering quilt shows. Includes one flat shot of the entire quilt and one detail shot.

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package two - $275

Ideal for pattern covers. Includes one flat shot of the entire quilt and three detail shots.

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package three - $450

Ideal for branding, pattern launches, and fabric line debuts. Includes twelves images of your quilt, including flat shots, detail shots, and accessorized shots.


A la carte flat shot - $125

Just need one, flat shot? We've got your back! We make photographing even the hugest, king-size quilts a breeze. 


Allison Jensen, Woodberry Way

"I nearly cried for joy when I saw my photos! So perfect. If you need someone else to take over the daunting task of photographing your quilts and doing a spectacular job of it, look no further." 


Cheryl Brickey, Meadow Mist Designs


"I'm blown away by how beautiful they made my quilt!! I am going to have such fun showing these off to the world."


Brittany Lloyd, 

Lo & Behold Stitchery

"These are AMAZING!  I can't stop flipping through them! Thank you so much! I just can't capture the detail like you can."