Do you insure the quilt when you send it back?

Absolutely! When we ship your quilt back, we also purchase $1000 of insurance from USPS. If you would like your quilt insured for a higher amount, just let us know.

How should I pack my quilt?

Place your quilt inside a waterproof container (like a bag) and place it in your mailing box. As soon as you've finished your purchase, you'll receive an email with mailing directions. Print out the attached PDF and place it inside your box. Tape your box shut and you're ready to ship! Please keep in mind that a quilt placed directly inside a box without a bag may be exposed to elements during the shipping process. We don't want that to happen!

How do I download my images?

Once you've received your PASS gallery, click on the "download" button in the upper right-hand corner (it looks like an arrow pointing down). Press the black "download all" button. All of the images will appear on your computer in a zipped folder where you chose to save them. You'll need to extract the images from the folder (or unzip the folder) in order to use them.

You absolutely receive hi-res files in every photo package from us! If your files appear to be low-res, small, or blurry, you likely did not extract the files from your zipped folder (or finish unzipping it). If you are having trouble extracting/unzipping your files, please search Google for a tutorial on how to extract files using your specific operating system.

Why are my files so small? I thought I would receive hi-res files.

How do you charge for return shipping?

A flat-rate shipping and handling fee of $25 is added to your shopping cart at the time of purchase.